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Just Outdoor Blinds specialises in Alfresco Blinds, Folding Arm Awnings, Motorised Awnings and retractable Roof Awnings.

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Quality outdoor Blinds and Awnings, made locally in Melbourne will last up to 40 years. Reduce the summer heat gain of your home by over 75% with Just Outdoor Blinds, Melbourne’s bench Mark for Outdoor Blinds, Awnings and Sun Blinds.

Over 13 years’ experience in Australia, UK and Europe.


Folding Arm Awnings    

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A Folding Arm Awning is the perfect shade solution for that deck, pool or patio. Beat the heat in summer by shading your outdoor entertainment area with a Blind Effects Folding Arm Awning. In winter simply retract your awning with the touch of a button and let the winter sun warm your home.

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Sun Blinds

Sun Blinds are the traditional way to shade your windows.  They are simple yet practical. SunBlinds  blinds can be manually operated or operated via remote control.  Our Sun Blinds are made from an open weave mesh fabric which are becoming increasingly popular. They are available in a range of colours.

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Facade Screens

A modern Facade Screen is one of the best ways to reduce the energy consumption of your home. In summer a Facade Screen will protect your homes hottest windows and slash your energy bills. In winter a Facade Screen can insulate your windows and help prevent heat loss through glass. Blind Effects has a range of Eco friendly fabrics that can be recycled and have had a full life cycle analysis.

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Glass Roof Awnings & Patio Shades

Just Outdoor Blinds Glass Roof Awnings are a step above the competition. The Skyshade is a motorised glass roof awning that has an unrivalled span and can cover 24 square metres. Strength, quality and style mean the Skyshade is one of the best glass roof awnings available. The Skyshade can also be used as a retractable roof system.

The Sky Roll is a simple yet practical solution to shade a glass roof on a budget. Custom made to size and application the Sky Roll can be installed on the inside or outside of the building.

Just Outdoor Blinds also have a range of retractable patio shades that can shade a Laser Lite roof patio or open pergola.

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Just Outdoor Blinds Outdoor range also includes:
Glass Roof Awnings, Pivot Arm Awnings, Drop Arm Awnings, Sun Blinds, Shade Mesh Blinds, First Floor (second storey) Blinds and Awnings, Fixed Guide Blinds, Straight Drop Awnings, Crank Drop Blinds.

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